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      Jinan Sino Machine Tool Co., Ltd,

      scissor lifts,truck mounted scissor lifts,cargo lift,work table ect

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      Jinan Sino Machine Tool Co., Ltd, Subsidiary company of Shandong Ningrui Inc., is located at 1 Ningrui Boulevard, Jibei Economic Development Zone, we are only 5 km away from Jinan Int’l Airport. Shandong Ningrui Inc began its business in the year of 1990, it’s a comprehensive hydraulic equipment enterprise who has the ability to design, develop, manufacture, market and export, our major products include scissor lifts, hydraulic lifts, lift platforms, hydraulic lift tables, lift tables, aerial working equipments, material handling equipment and etc. With the delicated management over years, we are widely recognised as HYDRAULIC LIFT EXPERT ALL OVER CHINA. In 2000,our quality management system was verified to meet the requirement of ISO9001:2000 and all products have been CE approved in the year 2003, both verifications arm Ningrui with the strong wings to help us be one of top brands all over the world.

      Since we explored the international market 2 decades ago, Ningrui li... [Details]
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